Charricos was founded in 1978 in the city of Frontera, Centla, Tabasco. The first product launched to the market was the traditional “charrito”.

In the year of 1983 became as a commercial enterprise named “INDUSTRIAS CHARRITOS S.A. DE C.V.”, and in this same year starts the production of banana chips.

In 1984, Charricos added the tortilla chips production line to the company’s brochure.

That the brand has been growing, proportionally to the costumers demand, and also increasing the number of employees. Now the company has an innovation and development department that is researching for improve the technology and creating new products.

Charricos also searched for new distribution chanels, and now the brand has presence in mexican cities like Ciudad del Carmen, Mérida, Mexico City, Veracruz and in all the state of Tabasco.

2008 is an important year for Charricos history because the productions lines evolved to an automatic technology. And started to export to Canada.

In 2010 Charricos started to export to the european market, and in 2012 to the U.S.A. market.


To be present in every home, committing to excellence and quality in the market, constantly innovating to ensure the results that generate total satisfaction to our customers and consumers, consolidating the success of our company. Always improving further the lives of family members of Charricos.


To be leaders iall the Mexico territory, in North-America, Latin- America and Europe in the manufacturing of excellent quality products.

Our processes

Social Liability‏.

Charricos is committed to society and members of the company, and for that reason, has several social programs that are very important:

CETIC (Technical Research Centre of Industrias Charritos)
This is an educational program in which all members of the company can study any academic grade to high school education.

Human Sustainability Project.
Is to ensure the future of the members of the company through a supplier company that works as their livelihood.

Ecological Program for the use of clean energy.
Involves awareness of the public to perform in their homes classification of waste they generate. Implement processes for collecting organic waste generated in the homes to transform it into biogas and organic fertilizer.

Charricos in the world.


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